While I love a good comedy as much as the next person, sometimes drama movies can have just as much of an effect.  Edge of your seat, make you think movies, while you might have to be in the mood for them, are so important to the movie-lover’s collection.  Here are my Top 5 (in no particular order) drama movies:

  1. Argo


I had to physically force myself to sit back in my seat while watching this movie.  I have never watched a movie that has made me so anxious before in my life.  Based on a true story, this movie is based during the Iranian Revolution.  Six Americans avoid being held as hostages and stay hidden in the home of a Canadian Ambassador.  Ben Affleck is the hero, so you know it’s pretty good.  Also, it’s kind of funny too, which is cool.

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2. Angels and Demons

angels and demons

This is one of my “every time this is on, I have to watch it” movies.  As the (better) counterpart to The DaVinci Code, Tom Hanks strikes again as a symbologist hired by the Vatican to investigate Illuminati threats.  It turns into a National Treasure-like hunt movie, so its one of those you have to really pay attention type films.  But I mean it’s Tom Hanks so who isn’t intrigued.

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3. Philadelphia


Okay okay I know, two Tom Hanks in a row? Really? But hear me out, Tom Hanks is a gem.  A real star.  In Philadelphia, he plays a man wrongfully fired from his job because his employers find out he has AIDS.  He is in a relationship with Antonio Banderas (who, I mean, HELLO) and they bring his wrongful termination case to court.  His lawyer is a homophobic man who firmly believes he is going to catch AIDS just by being near someone who has it, which it totally true (rolls eyes).  I won’t give away the ending, but its excellent.

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4. The Green Mile

green mile

The only Stephen King movie that doesn’t scare the living crap outta me.  Also Tom Hanks is in this too, no judgement please.  Hanks plays a prison guard in charge of The Green Mile, or where all the inmates who have received the death sentence go.  One of the inmates, John Coffee, is discovered to have the ability to take other people’s illness away.  Sounds cheesy, I know, but it really is worth the watch.

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5. Dead Poet’s Society

dead poets society

Tears. Ugly tears.  (Tom Hanks isn’t in this I swear).  A group of students with a brand new English teacher (played by Robin Williams, who was absolutely brilliant) create a club where they snuck out and read poems in a cave.  The end is really dark and the plot is so meaningful and great.  Not one bad word about this movie.  Not one.
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