Ah romance.  Anyone else get that “Oh, I am going to throw up if I have to see one more couple walking down the street holding hands” feeling a couple times a day? No, just me? Oh. Anyways, romance movies or as they are more colloquially titled “Chick Flicks,” (although, boys, stop kidding yourselves, we all know you love them) are hugely important and prevalent in the movie world.  Here are my top 5 romance movies, in no particular order:

  1. Cinderella (2015)


The first thing I said when the credits rolled: “That was the most romantic movie I have ever seen.” Lily James and Richard Madden (swoons) are perfectly cast as Cinderella and Prince Charming, a couple that we know all too well.  These completely unrealistic couple goals are given to us through a veil of fairy godmothers and the fact that good things always happen to good people.  Us evil people have no hope (thanks, Disney). The costumes are perfect, the actors are perfect, the chemistry is perfect, and that is all.

2. Singin’ in the Rain


The late, great Debbie Reynolds stars as Kathy Seldon, the lucky driver of a car hijacked by famous actor Don Lockwood, played by Gene Kelly.  The two eventually end up working together and of course, fall in love.  This movie is full of old school romance and *amazing* dance numbers.  Did I mention its a musical? Must watch.

3. Titanic


Leonardo DiCaprio: need I say more? This 1997 Academy Award winner stole the hearts of many, including my dad, though he’ll deny it until the day he dies.  Jack and Rose are an unlikely couple who find love aboard the ill-fated Titanic.  First-class meets third-class, and no one except the two of them are happy about it.  I mean, Rose is engaged, and then she goes and flaunts this (way) hotter guy in front of her fiancé (who isn’t the nicest guy, but still).  Anyways, the boat sinks, she could’ve saved him, but she doesn’t and then she throws a very expensive necklace into the ocean.  What an ending.

4. The Princess Bride


This one almost got put under the comedy category, but ultimately, it’s a very romantic movie.  Westley, a farmhand, falls for Buttercup, the maiden who lives on the farm.  She orders him around and makes him do her bidding (ahhh, the dream) and he complies with a simple, “As you wish,” every time (I need me a man like this).  He leaves her to find a fortune so they can marry, and she believes that he dies while he is out at sea.  Five years later, they find each other again (after she pushes him down a hill) and the rest of the movie is them fighting to stay together.  It’s hilarious and romantic, what more could you want.

5. 500 Days of Summer


I know that this one doesn’t have the happiest ending, but it is still important nonetheless.  Joseph Gordon-Leavitt plays Tom Hansen, a hopeless romantic who falls for Summer Finn, played by Zooey Deschanel.  They have similar taste in music, which according to Tom is grounds for true love.  This whole movie is about how there isn’t a “One” for everyone, just a “One Right Now.”  Watch this one and fall in love. Or don’t.