Action movies have become a staple of American culture.  No movie is complete without a plethora of gun shots and two buff guys punching the crap out of each other.  Nowadays, almost every movie contains an action sequence (for the guys) no matter what the genre.  Here are the Top 5 Action Movies (in no particular order) I absolutely swear by:

1. Raiders of the Lost Ark

raiders-of-the-lost-arkIndiana Jones is a timeless classic, with a little something for everyone.  As a kid, however, the action scenes are what pulls you in.  A nerdy archaeology professor is discovered to be a bad a** treasure hunter with some serious fighting skills: what’s not to love?  The action scenes are very choreographed, but leave you with that classic movie feel. Indy causes an epic bar brawl, fights sheiks in the street, and kicks some serious Nazi butt. It also doesn’t hurt that Harrison Ford did not get hit with the ugly stick.


2.  Die Hard

die-hardBruce Willis stars in this Christmas classic about a holiday party at a bank.  Okay, a “Christmas classic” is probably not what you would call a movie with countless gun shots, double-crossing bank robbers, and a muscley-man in a white tank top covered in blood, but hey, it’s Christmas Eve. John McClane (Willis) is a cop who just wants to get his wife back and ends up having to save her and countless others from German terrorists.  There’s even a really wholesome scene where he walks barefoot over broken glass.  Bring the kids, folks.

 3.  The Dark Knight 

dark-knightThe Dark Knight trilogy’s second installment is by far the best of the three (in my expert opinion). Christopher Nolan made a solid choice with Heath Ledger as The Joker.  Ledger’s creepy portrayal of the twisted villain took it from a basic comic book movie to a legit end-of-your-seat thriller.  The actions scenes are dark and mind-boggling, with the Joker setting fire to a hospital and Two-Face (Harvey Dent, a lesser villain) going on a killing spree based on a simple coin flip.  This one is full of car chases, epic explosions, and Alfred, the lovable butler.

4. Star Wars: A New Hope                                                                                                            star-wars

It is no coincidence that all of these movies have fairly attractive male leads, and Star Wars is no different.  At the age of 26, Mark Hamill became an overnight sensation as Luke Skywalker: farm boy turned war hero.  Luke spends his time with a young Han Solo (played by Harrison Ford [Indiana Jones]) and a wookie named Chewbacca.  He also encounters the beautiful Princess Leia (the late great Carrie Fisher) and saves the galaxy from the power of the Death Star with a single shot.  The fight scenes consist of space battles between the Rebellion and the evil Empire fought almost entirely in some pretty sweet planes.  The series continues with a twist ending you will never see coming (and then some prequel movies that are less then stellar).

5. Ghostbusters

ghostbustersOkay, I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out.  The ending of the movie is chock-full of some serious ghost-fighting bad a**ery.  Sigourney Weaver plays Dana, a pretty girl whose apartment has been taken over by a ghost named Zuul.  She ends up getting possessed (full damsel-in-distress style) and the Ghostbusters have to save her.  Oh, and they fight a giant marshmallow ghost; it’s pretty epic.

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