…I was a little girl who was obsessed with Disney movies.

Then, I was a little bit older and obsessed with 80s movies.  The obsession grew and grew until it became impossible for me to say no to the age-old question, “Have you seen this?”  Movies are my niche, and I have made it my mission to make sure they become yours.

Every Thursday, I will create a Top 5 list to make sure you have great movies to watch over the weekend.  Each week will be a new genre filled with new movies and a synopsis of the plot.  This will make becoming a movie lover a breeze.

My goal is that every person who visits this site finds one movie that they fall in love with. Not everyone is going to love everything- that’d be a bit much to ask.  However, I hope you find this to be a somewhat entertaining place to find that perfect flick for movie night.  Bring on the popcorn.