“I laughed so hard, I cried,” is my absolute favorite thing to say after leaving a movie theater.  Comedy movies are one of the most well-liked movies and it’s easy to understand why.  Here are some of my favorite (in no particular order) comedy movies that everyone should see at least once:

  1. To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

to-wong-fooOkay, this is the movie I am most excited about (here you go, Mom). To Wong Foo has got to be my absolute favorite movie of all time.  Patrick Swayze plays Miss Vida Boheme, a seasoned drag queen. I mean, what more could you want.  Basically, three drag queens go on a cross country road trip in a pretty sweet Cadillac convertible from New York to Los Angeles. Their car breaks down in a little backwoods town in Midwest, USA. The town is so uncultured they actually think that the three are women (albeit, very large women).  These queens (Vida Boheme, Noxeema Jackson, and Chi Chi Rodriguez) teach the women of the town how to stand up for themselves with a little bit of style.  Drag queens, forbidden love, and an improptu dance number, oh my!

2. Zoolander


It is a proven fact (not really) that this is where the Duck Face™ pose originated.  Anyone who has ever seen this movie knows that Derek Zoolander has got to be the dumbest human being of all time. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson play two male models who have never had to do anything for themselves their entire lives.  Except driving to the gas station singing “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,” which does happen, and it’s beautiful.  This one kills me.

3. Big


Tom Hanks’ best movie (besides Forrest Gump) (and Cast Away) (and Catch Me If You Can) (okay Tom Hanks is a gem and is wonderful in everything he does.) Anyways, in Big, Tom Hanks plays a 12-year-old trapped inside the body of, well, Tom Hanks.  Of course, he ends up working at a toy company as a tester.  He has a creepy relationship with an older woman who really isn’t older but- well, you get the point.  This one officially ruined Zoltar machines for a lot of people.

4. Bridesmaids


Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Maya, Rudolph, Rose Byrne… its like the Ocean’s Eleven of girl casts.  Bridesmaids centers on two best friends, Annie and Lillian, two BFFs whose friendship rivals the hilarity of my own BFF and I (but not really).  Anyways, one of them is the others maid of honor and then they get in this huge fight.  Kristin Wiig throws an epic temper tantrum at the bridal shower and it’s actual tears-in-your-eye funny.  Highly recommended.

5. Elf


My family can highly attest to the fact that every time I watch this movie, I say every line out loud, and then laugh hysterically after.  I have probably seen Elf 1006 times and it will never not be funny to me.  Will Ferrell plays Buddy, a human who was raised by elves at the North Pole.  When he, a 6-foot-tall man discovers that he is not, in fact, an elf (I mean, come on), he travels to the magical land of New York to find his real family.  He ends up landing a job at a department store (he receives a restraining order from them the next day, but hey, who hasn’t), getting drunk in a mail room, and landing a really pretty girl.  This one on is full of Christmas cheer and a grown man eating used gum off the street.